Sniffing WordPress Logins Using Wireshark

Here is another simple tutorial about using Wireshark to find WordPress logins and passwords. This should be a warning to you about the dangers of logging into sites in public wifi spots. If you haven’t used Wireshark before it is a tool that let’s you view the packets of data streaming across a network you are connected to. Previously I wrote a post so you can learn to bypass Wifi paywalls for free.

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Bypassing Hotel Wifi Paywalls

This is my first instructional blog post. By the end I hope you will know how to get around wifi paywalls.

I found this excellent hotel in Bangkok. It’s less than $20 / day and has a good bed with dark curtains and quiet rooms. It also comes equipped with a free gym and sauna as well as reasonable room service.

The only problem is they want to charge for wifi. In fact, they charge 1/3 of what the room costs just to use wifi. This, coupled with the fact that it is far from anything relevant ruins the savings found in staying there.

The way they limit usage of the wifi is that when you connect to the access point (no password) you are redirected to their landing page when trying to visit a website. You need to enter a login/password to be able to browse freely.

Luckily, there is a way around this and it only requires a few steps. You are going to need a couple tools so make sure you get these while you still have internet access.

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