Settling in Halfway Across the World

First update of the trip (one week in).  Past ten days or so have been an absolute madhouse.  Of course I waited till the last minute to move all my stuff into storage (and didn’t even make it that far, dropped most of it off at Joey’s place [thanks!])  Those of you that know me know my friend Erik and I always try to “do it live”.  This trip is no exception so here is a recap of the last week’s events.

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The Beginning

In about 14 hours I’ll be leaving American soil (hopefully for a while) to start my new journey.  If you don’t know me my friend Matt and I bought one way tickets to Thailand two weeks ago.  It’s been five years since I was in my home away from home; I never thought it would take me this long to return to my favorite country, but life brings funny cards sometimes.  Hopefully I’ll ship a lot of code and work on some of my personal projects while I’m there.  I don’t know if I’ve felt this free, excited, and nervous all at once before.  Feel free to visit from time to time to read about my adventures, see my photos, and review my code.  And remember:

We are All One